Advanced Dungeons & Dragons® 2nd Edition
Dungeon Master® Guide Rules Supplement

The Complete Book of Necromancers
By Steve Kurtz

Table of Contents

How to Use This Book
Necromancy and the PC
What You Will Need
Chapter 1: Necromancers
The Standard Necromancer

      Ability Scores
      Experience Level Advancement
      Spell Restrictions
      Magic Item Restrictions
New Necromancer Wizard Kits
      Archetypal Necromancer
      Undead Master
Other Necromancer Kits
      Ghul Lord
New Nonweapon Proficiencies
      Netherworld Knowledge
      Spirit Lore
      Venom Handling
Chapter 2: Dark Gifts
Dual-Classed Characters

      Thief / Necromancer
Wild Talents
Vile Pacts and Dark Gifts
Nonhuman Necromancers

      Humanoid Necromancers
      Drow Necromancers
      Draconic Necromancers
      Githyanki Necromancers
Sorcerers Immortal
      Undead Necromancers and Death Priests
Chapter 3: The Price
The Social Stigma
Punishments and Handicaps

      Physical Deformity
      Bodily Afflictions
      Insanity and Madness
      Unholy Compulsions
Paid In Full
Chapter 4: The Dark Art
Spell Selection for the Wizard

      Criminal or Black Necromancy
      Gray or Neutral Necromancy
      Benign or White Necromancy
New Wizard Spells
      1st-Level Spells
      2nd-Level Spells
      3rd-Level Spells
      4th-Level Spells
      5th-Level Spells
      6th-Level Spells
      7th-Level Spells
      8th-Level Spells
      9th-Level Spells
Chapter 5: Death Priests
Necromantic Priesthoods

      The God of the Dead
      The Goddess of Murder
      The God of Pestilence
      The God of Suffering
      The Lord of Undead
Other Priestly Resources
Chapter 6: The Priest Sphere
New Priest Spells

      1st-Level Spells
      2nd-Level Spells
      3rd-Level Spells
      4th-Level Spells
      5th-Level Spells
      6th-Level Spells
      7th-Level Spells
Chapter 7: Allies
Undying Minions
Secret Societies
      The Cult of Worms
      The Scabrous Society
      The Cult of Pain
      The Anatomical Academy
Chapter 8: Tools of the Trade
Poisons and Potions
Magic Items
Necromantic Lore
Chapter 9: The Campaign
Isle of the Necromancer Kings
      The Twin Villages of Misbahd and Jinutt
      The Iron Spires of Ereshkigal
      The Colossus of Uruk
      The Tower of Pizentios
      Capital of the Necromancer Kings
      Uruk's Summer Palace
      The Garden of Eternity
Adventure Hooks
      The Pirate Necromancers
      Bhakau's Return
      The Scourge of Thasmudyan
      Lich Hunting
      Dr. Ellandra Tolbert
      Master Pizentios
      Sarzec the Broken
      Talib the Magnificent
      Vermissa the Undying
      Mistress Yola
Appendix 1: Common Spells
     for Necromancers

Appendix 2: Wizard Spells In the
      School of Necromancy

Appendix 3: Priest Spells In the
      Necromantic Sphere

Appendix 4: Master Index of
      Necromantic Priest and Wizard Spells

List of Tables
1: Pregenerated Ability Scores for Necromancers
2: Extended Necromancer Advancement Spells, and Level Improvements
3: Wild Psionic Devotions for Necromancers
4: Wild Psionic Sciences for Necromancers
5: Special Powers for Necromancers
6: Psionic Progression for Githyanki Necromancers
7: Assorted Physical Deformities
8: Disease Check Modifiers
9: Unholy Compulsions and Curses
10: Forbidden Spells of Black Necromancy
11: Spirit Summoning Modifiers
12: Extended Death Priest Advancement, Spells, and Level Improvements