Encyclopédie des créatures mort vivantes

L'optique de ce supplément à vos manuels des monstres est plutôt destiné, dans le cadre de mes pages, à vous présenter une liste de sombres compagnons voire de mignons pour les mages que sont les nécromans. Compagnons à la nature "magique" évidente donc il trouve tout naturellement sa place ici.

Notes de l'auteur  : Je suis Maître de donjon et j'aime confronter mes joueurs avec les morts vivants. Mais il semble que se soit toujours les mêmes que l'on rencontre. C'est-à-dire : squelettes, zombies, etc.  J'ai cherché sur le Net quelque chose qui me donnerait une liste décente de mort vivants, mais je n'ai rien trouvé nul part. J'ai donc décidé ce faire ce Net book, "Le grand livre des morts vivants".

Note : Ce n'est pas une 2nde édition du Net book of Necromancy. Merci à tous les Maître de jeu qui ont apporté leurs contributions Cela est juste le début du grand livre des morts vivants. Je continuerai à chercher après tous les monstres morts vivants.


Creature of darkness

CLIMATE/TERRAIN: Any Any Any Any Any Any Any Any Any
FREQUENCY: Very rare Very rare Very rare Very rare Very rare Very rare Very rare Very rare Very rare
ORGANIZATION: Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil
ACTIVITY CICLE: Any Any Any Any Any Any Any Any Any
DIET: Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil
INTELLIGENCE: Non-(0) Non-(0) Non-(0) Non-(0) Non-(0) Non-(0) Non-(0) Non-(0) Non-(0)
TREASURE: Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil
ALIGNMENT: Neutral Evil Neutral Evil Neutral Evil Neutral Evil Neutral Evil Neutral Evil Neutral Evil Neutral Evil Neutral Evil

NO. APPEARING: 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
ARMOR CLASS: 10 9 7 5 3 2 -1 -2 -3
MOVEMENT: 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12
HIT DICE: 1 2 4 6 8 9 12 13 14
THAC0: 20 19 17 15 13 12 9 8 7
NO. OF ATTACKS: 2 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4
DAMAGE/ATTACK: 1 1 1d3 1d5 1d8 1d8+1 1d8+2 2d6 3d4
SPECIAL ATTACKS: See below See below See below See below See below See below See below See below See below
SPECIAL DEFENSES: See below See below See below See below See below See below See below See below See below
MAGIC RESISTANCE: See below See below See below See below See below See below See below See below See below
SIZE: L (3' radiux) H (4' radiux) H (5' radiux) H (5' radiux) H (6' radiux) H (6' radiux) G (7' radiux) G (7' radiux) G (7' radiux)
MORALE: 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20
XP VALUE: 35 65 175 420 650 975 3000 4000 6000

Creature of Darkness is an inhabitant of the Negative Energy Plane, who could be conjured to the Prime Material by use of spells such as the "Summon Creature of Darkness" family. The aspect is of a shadow, with the sembiance of an amorphous body from wich departs numerous tentacles.

Combat: The shadowy appearance makes it difficult to detect in the shadows (95%, as thief ability); it has also a surprise modifier of +3 if attacking from the shadows.
It irradiates an aura of cold at a distance of double its radiux; this doesn't cause damage, but could warn passerby of its presence.
Against good creatures causes double damage; if hit with a body weapon (such as with bare hands) inflicts damage such as hit. Complete immunity to charmlike spells, illusions, normal (also magical) weapons; it doesn't need to breathe and cannot be blinded (vision such as an undead).
Spells who change alignment toward evil, create darkness or cold acts in reverse (add hit points), if they don't normally cause damage then 1d8 for every spell level are gained.
It can be harmed by warm, fire (a torch makes 1d10 Dmg), light and spells that change alignment toward good; they cause double normal damage or, if they normally don't cause it, its 2d8 for every spell level.

Habitat/Society: It isn't an inhabitant of the Prime Material plane, but if summoned to it will search for the nearest good creature to attack, without using any particular trick (cause it hasn't intelligence).
It will attack a neutral creature only if there aren't other good ones in proximity, and will never attack evil creatures, unless to defend itself.
It will always follow the more evil and powerful creature encountered, cause its aura is as food for the Darkness Creature.

Ecology: It lives in the Negative Energy plane where functions like a catalizer for the evil that lurks there, following the cruelest creature it enconters, and so becoming bigger and bigger.
Its not clear if this creatures dies when reached a fixed radiux, or if there is no limit to their dimensions, but its sure that also more powerful versions of the presented ones exist.

Alchemical Vampire Mummy, Cloud Giant
Banshee Mummy, Greater

Beholder, Undead

Cat, Ghost Poltergeist
Crypt Thing Revenant
Death Knight Revenite
Dracoliche Shadow
Dragon, Deathwyrm Shadow, Ether
Eye of Orcus Shadow, Grave
Ghost Skeleton
Ghost, Green Skeleton, Giant
Ghost of Moon Mage Skeleton, Warrior
Ghoul  Spectre
Ghoul, Gilannie Specter Lord
Gravewalker Troll, Spectal
Golem, Bone Vampire
Golem, Necrophidius Wight
Harriers of Arhed Wight, Greater
Haunt  Wraith
Haunt, Wall Wraiths, War
Heucuva Zombie
Liche Zombie, Greater

Living Wall

Zombie, Red Skull
Mist, Vampiric Zombie, Venom
Mummy Zombie, Voodan


Pour que les choses soient le plus intéressant possible :

Voici une idée qui consiste à donner une catégorie d'âge aux morts vivantsLa théorie étant que plus un mort vivant existe dans le temps, meilleure est sa connexion au plan négatif. Faisant croître en puissance le mort vivant. Cette méthode permet ainsi à vos joueurs de ne plus trop savoir à quoi s'attendre avec ce genre de créature qu'ils connaissent bien à la longue.



Dé de vie supp.

Bonus au Thac0

Bonus à la CA

Propriétés nouvelles

Extra XP

Vieux (100 ans)





 Xp x 5

Très vieux (1000 ans)





Xp x 10

Ancien   (5000 ans)





Xp x 15

Scion (10000 ans)




Régénère 1Pv/ round

Xp x 20

Connexion totale au plan négatif  (25000 years +)





5 hp / round

Xp x 50

Alchemical Vampire


Climat/Terrain:                        Kislova

Fréquence:                                     Très rare (4%)

Organisation:                             Solitaire or group

Cycle d'activité:                           Any

Diet:                                                    Carnivore

Intelligence:                                Average (8-10)

Trésor:                                        Nil

Alignement:                                     Lawful Evil

No. Appearing:                             1 or 10

Classe d'armure:                              0

Mouvement:                                     14

Dés de vie:                                            7+3

THAC0:                                               13

No. of Attacks:                          1

Dommages par attaque:                         1d4 or special

Special Attacks:                       Blood Drain, Poison

Special Defenses:                      Hit only by magical or iron weapons, Regeneration

Magic Resistance:                    Nil

Taille:                                                    M

Moral:                                           16

XP Value:                                         7,000


Alchemical vampires are only found in Kislova, creations by the domain lord Baroness Ilsabet Obour.  They are similar to nosferatu, but do not gain power as they age.  Other differences are below.



An alchemical vampire generally retains the appearance it had in life, looking like a normal human being.  The only difference is that when not actually interacting with other beings, their faces tend to take on a strange blankness of expression that indicates their lack of true emotion and life.



Alchemical vampires attack once with sharp fingernails for 1d4 points of damage, injecting a deadly poison into the bloodstream of their victim.  An unsuccessful save vs. poison causes 40 points of damage, a successful one only 10 points of damage.  Only creatures which have an active bloodstream and are affected by poisons need check for this.  Alchemical vampires can also cause a loss of 1 point of Con per round with their bite, like a nosferatu.  Unlike their more common kin, alchemical vampires do not have any ability to transform into mist or animals.

Only iron weapons or ones of magical origin can affect an alchemical vampire.  They regenerate from all other weapons too quickly to be affected.  Alchemical vampires also regenerate 2 hp per turn while they are away from direct sunlight.  If reduced to 0 hit points, they will dissolve into an acidic fluid (which causes 5 hp dmg to living tissue only, no save).  This fluid is capable of flowing at the alchemical vampire’s full movement rate, and will immediately attempt to find a dark area in which to regenerate.

Alchemical vampires are not affected by sunlight, except the above lack of regeneration.  They must rest 8 hours of every day in some dark place away from sunlight or they gradually lose hit points until they are destroyed.  An alchemical vampire can be defeated by driving an iron stake through its heart, but that only renders them inert until the stake is removed.  To permanently destroy it, the body of the vampire must be dissolved in strong acid.



Alchemical vampires live only in the domain of Kislova, where they act as the elite guard of the domain lord.  Unless they have been ordered to work as a squad, they tend to work and hunt alone.



As undead beings, alchemical vampires have no place in the natural ecology. N





Climat/Terrain:                        Any     

Fréquence:                                      Très rare             

Organisation:                              Solitaire

Cycle d'activité:                            Nuit   

DIET:                                                     Nil        

INTELLIGENCE:                                 Exceptional (15-16)           

Trésor:                                         (D)        

Alignement:                                      Chaotic evil        

NO. APPEARING:                              1           

Classe d'armure:                                0           

Mouvement:                                       15         

Dés de vie:                                             7           

THAC0:                                                 13         

NO. OF ATTACKS:                            1           

Dommages par attaque:                          1-8        

SPECIAL ATTACKS:                        Death wail          

SPECIAL DEFENSES:                       +1 or better weapon to hit               

MAGIC RESISTANCE:                      50%      

Taille:                                                      M (5'-6' tall)        

Moral:                                             Elite (13)              

XP VALUE:                                          4,000    



The banshee or groaning spirit, is the spirit of an evil female elf -- a Très rare thing indeed. Banshee hate the living, finding their presence painful, and seek to harm whomever they meet.

        Banshees appear as floating, luminous phantasms of  their former selves. Their image glows brightly at night, but is transparent in sunlight (60% invisible). Most banshees are old and withered, but a few (10%) who died young retain their former beauty. The hair of a groaning spirit is wild and unkempt. Her dress is usually tattered rags. Her face is a mask of pain and anguish, but hatred and ire burns brightly in her eyes. Banshees frequently cry out in pain -- hence their name.

Combat: Banshees are formidable opponents. The mere sight of one causes fear, unless a successful saving throw vs. spell is rolled. Those who fail must flee in terror for 10 rounds and are 50% likely to drop any items they were carrying in their hands.

        A banshee's most dreaded weapon is its wail or keen. Any creature within 30 feet of a groaning spirit when she keens must roll a saving throw vs. death magic. Those who fail die immediately, their faces contorted in horror. Fortunately, groaning spirits can keen just once per day, and then only at night. The touch of a groaning spirit causes 1d8 points of damage.

        Banshees are noncorporeal and invulnerable to weapons of less than +1 enchantment. In addition, groaning spirits are highly resistant to magic (50%). They are fully immune to charm, sleep, and hold spells and to cold- and electricity-based attacks. Holy water causes 2d4 points of damage if broken upon them. A dispel evil spell will kill a groaning spirit. A banshee is turned as a "special" undead.

        Banshees can sense the presence of living creatures up to five miles away. Any creature that remains within five miles of a groaning spirit lair is sure to be attacked when Nuit falls. The nature of this attack varies with the victim. Beasts and less threatening characters are killed via a touch. Adventurers or demihumans are attacked by keening. Creatures powerful enough to withstand the groaning spirit's keen are left alone.

        When attacking adventurers, the groaning spirit attacks at Nuit with her wail. If any characters save successfully, she then retreats to her lair. Thereafter, each night, the groaning spirit returns to wail again. This routine is repeated until all of the victims are dead or have left the groaning spirit's domain, or until the groaning spirit is slain.


Habitat/Society: Banshees loathe all living things and thus make their homes in desolate countryside or ancient ruins. There they hide by day, when they cannot keen, and wander the surrounding countryside by night. The land encircling a groaning spirit's lair is strewn with the bones of beasts who heard the groaning spirit's cry. Once a groaning spirit establishes her lair she will remain there.

        The Trésor of groaning spirits varies considerably and often reflects what they loved in life. Many hoard gold and fine gems. Other groaning spirits, particularly those that haunt their former homes, show finer tastes, preserving great works of art and sculptures, or powerful magical items.

        It is nearly impossible to distinguish the cry of a groaning spirit from that of a human or elf woman in pain. Many a knight gallant has mistaken the two sounds, and then paid for the mistake with his life. Banshees are exceptionally intelligent and speak numerous languages, including common, elvish, and other demihuman languages.

        Banshees occasionally use their destructive powers to seek revenge against their former adversaries in life.


Ecologie: Banshees are a blight wherever they settle. They kill without discretion, and their only pleasure is the misfortune and misery of others. In addition to slaying both man and beast, a groaning spirit's keen has a powerful effect upon vegetation. Flowers and delicate plants wither and die and trees grow twisted and sickly, while hardier plants, thistles and the like, flourish. After a few years all that remains within five miles of a groaning spirit's lair is a desolate wilderness of warped trees and thorns mixed with the bones of those creatures that dared to cross into the groaning spirit'